Berlin Tango High

A Circus .. A Tango … A Tango Circus

Where is the Circus? Click here to see the location on googlemaps!

August 17th + 18th

For the first time, may be even in the history of mankind, we will celebrate two nights of Tango in a real and beautiful Circus tent: the “Circus Tango”!

The program is in the working. Be prepared for a weekend of beautiful surprises, pure beauty and mysterious magic! There will be a Circus Show, with a 30 minute intermission, that shows Tango in a different context, with presentations you have not seen before. The Circus Show will be presented twice, on Saturday and Sunday, please note that it is the same program on both nights!

After the Circus Shows there will be the Circus Milongas, with Live Music on both nights and energetic DJ-Duos!

Where? Circus “shake!” at East Side Gallery/Ostbahnohof

Dates & Times:

Saturday, August 17th

Circus Show from 20h-22h

Circus Milonga from 22h-06h

Sunday, August 18th

Circus Tango Café and “join-in”-Circus for kids from 13h-18h

Circus Show from 20h-22h

Circus Milonga from 22h-06h