Berlin Tango High

2 Seminarios with Cinthia & Jens

For the first time in Berlin, Cinthia and Jens will give impressions and insights into their work.  They will teach two one-session Seminarios, each session consists of 2,5 hours.

Places are still available in both Seminarios. Online registration is now closed. Please send us a message to reserve your place.

1 seminario = 35 euro per person
2 seminarios = 60 euro per person
location: nou mitte.

Cinthia Labaronne &
Jens Krueger


Saturday, August 17th

12h-14:30h Intermediate: “Milonga-Intensive”
We will work with you on defining the differences between Milonga and Tango on three levels: physically (technique), musically (interpretation), and spacially (variety of useful and simple steps and combinations).  To deepen and to strenghten the quality of your dance, we will investigate the autonomy of both roles, the leader in his possibilities of proposing the dance and the follower in her freedom of interpreting and embellishing it.  This is a central element for us which we personally enjoy very much in our own dance.  Finally we will apply the movements learned in this Seminario to a Milonga environement, and learn how to maneuver and dance comfortably on a crowded dancefloor.  You do not need experience with Milonga to take this Seminario, nevertheless, if you already dance Milonga this seminario will help you improve your dance.

15h-17:30h Advanced: “Slides, Lifts and Jumps”
The goal of this Seminario is to work with you on tango elements for the ‘big floor’.  We will help you understand the technique behind acrobatic steps in order to maximise the effects with minimal effort.  Some of the steps will be shown in a suitable way to be danced in a milonga.  We will point out the important details that will help you not to interfere with the other dancers on the dancefloor.  Since some of the movements we practice have certain demands on the physical constitution, we recommend this Seminario for people with certain physical fitness and no back or knee problems.  And, last but not least, the moves you will learn will be perfectly fitting for the Circus Milonga at night  ;)